Cup Final Fan Travel
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What the app does
This is an app built by fans for fans. With the upcoming train strikes on the day of the final, we wanted to ensure that all fans were able to travel to the final and enjoy the day. This app enables you to find other fans of your club who are driving to the game who you can share the journey with, splitting the cost of petrol. We want to create a safe, community environment where fans can connect with one another to support each other and enjoy the final as much as possible.
Huge Savings
Both as a driver and a passenger you can save yourself money on your trip to London
Support other Fans
Help other fans get to the game and share your journey with them to maximise the match-day experience
Safe and Secure
The app verifies the MOT and Road Tax of all vehicles on the app and all profiles are clearly displayed. You can find out more in the safety section in the app.
How it works
Select your Club
Select your club to share journeys with fellow fans.
Post a Journey
If you’re driving, post your journey and save money on your trip whilst helping other fans.
Join a Journey
If you need a lift, find a fellow fan who’s driving and join their journey to save money.

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